Kathryne Alonso

Broker Associate

About Kathryne


As a native of Asheville, North Carolina I have seen many changes to my community through the years.  I always felt a special joy when first seeing the mountains appear on the horizon when I returned HOME.  My father graduated from Annapolis, so I was a Navy Brat who returned to the mouintainns for Christmases and summers to see both sides of my family.  Asheville was HOME, we just lived other places.  When I married, Asheville was my home and and where my house was for a just a few years, and then my husband and daughter moved just 100 miles west into Tennessee.  After eight years in Morristown, TN and with a son added to the family, we moved back to Asheville for nine years. Then a six-year stent in New Jersey, two years in Sao Paulo, Brzil, a stopover in Anderson,SC and now after a divorce I am finally back in Asheville since 2000. Defying Thomas Wolfe, I have come HOME again.


All my travels and relocations have made me acutely aware of the difficulties for the family in selling an old house will all its memoies and buying a new house where new memories will be made.  I feel I have the ability to listen to clients, to find out what things are the most important attributes for their new home, and then show them appropriate houses.  In the end, I believe there is something special, a sixth-sense in a way, about how you feel about a house that is to be your home.  It may be great on paper , but if the house doesn't speak to you, it's not the right one for you.